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Survival Curve


Module Settings

Title - Give a title for the survival curve module (for example, 5 year survival from Last Chemo)

Start - When do we want to start tracking whether or not people are dying?

  • Resource type: (such as Observations) Procedures, Observations, Medications, or Conditions

  • Either search for Resource Code - only one allowed (such as Chemo) or if resource type selected was Conditions, you can click the Select from Project Tags checkbox and select the tag

  • Reference to Resource - Select from:

    • After First Occurrence (an example of this is when people started Chemo)
    • After Last Occurrence


  • Resource Type - (such as Date of Death) Medications, Procedures, Conditions, or Observations


  • Censor Method - Select from:
    • None
    • Last known follow-up
    • Use Interval Time (assume people survive)
    • Specific Event - Then specify Resource Type (Medications, Procedures, Observations, or Conditions), then specify resource code in the search box (if conditions had been selected for resource type, you can check the "Select from Project Tags" checkbox and choose the Project Tag from the dropdown menu.

Reference to Resource - First occurrence or last occurrence

Duration of Analysis - (such as 60 months) Select the number and time interval - days, weeks, months, or years.

Compare Survival Curve across Cohorts checkbox - allows you to select a few cohorts to show by default.

  1. Click Preview at the top of the module settings to view it.
  2. If everything looks good, click Apply to apply the new settings. This will NOT save the module. If you click away, you will lose this module.
  3. To save this module and its settings to the layout, click the Save Changes icon found in the blue header at the top of the page. Or if you need to make changes, click the Edit icon in the top right corner of the module.


Clicking Apply will create your chart. It does not save the layout. To save the layout, you must click the Save Changes icon (found in the blue header). Navigating away from this page before clicking the icon will cause you to lose all changes since your last save.

Viewing your Survival Curve

Survival Curve

The display always starts at 100%. Each stair step down represents someone's death.

Beneath the Survival Curve graph are two buttons:

  • View Data - Shows Event Time, Deaths, Censored, No. at Risk, and Survival Probability for each Cohort

    Survival Data

  • View Statistics - Shows statistics on the data plotted

    Survival Stats

The data displayed depends on the comparison you run. Options include:

  • Cohort

    • Total
    • Censored
    • Deceased
    • Median Survival
    • Median 95% Confidence Interval
  • Test

    • Chi-Square
    • Degrees of Freedom
    • Significance
  • Cox Regression Covariates

    • Risk Ratio
    • 95% Confidence Interval
    • Significance

Last update: 2021-04-20